Majik Maintenance is the ultimate Computerized Maintenance Management System that runs in the Cloud!

Use it to manage your maintenance jobs and schedules, track and maintain your parts inventories, and generate reports to analyze your machine's utilization and downtime.

Runs in the Cloud and is easy to use!

Majik Maintenance is the ultimate system for manufacturing plants of all sizes. Use it to manage all of your equipment repairs, downtown, preventative maintenance, and spare parts inventory. The system runs in the cloud and is located on the web at It is easy to use, requires no software to be installed, and is fully configurable to meet your requirements.

The program contains 10 modules which are accessible from tabs at the top of the screen. The program also manages your Users, Locations, vendors, Machines, maintenance schedules, spare parts, and custom Tools used in your equipment. It also contains a Reports module that generates reports which can be viewed on screen, printed, or exported to various formats such as a Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet, PDF file, Image, or HTML web page which can be published on the web.

Users Module

Majik Maintenance is very configurable. The Users Module lets you manage who is allowed to log into Majik Maintenance and which sections and functions they are allowed to access. As the Administrator you can add or delete users, reset their password, and configure the permissions to allow them to access various functions in the program.

You can configure it so your factory workers can log in to create maintenance jobs when a machine breaks down. Your maintenance technicians can complete jobs, enter repair times and descriptions of work performed and parts used. Managers can use the system to monitor equipment failures and downtimes, track utilization, generate reports, and manage maintenance schedules, tools, and parts inventories.

Security & Permissions

Majik Maintenance provides 2 levels of security to ensure your data is safe and only accessible by you and your employees. The first level consists of the usual logon process where the user enters their username and password. Managers can reset passwords and if a user forgets their password they can click a button on the Logon page and the program will send them an Email message with their password. The second level of security uses proprietary software created by Majiksoft that allows you to control which computers the program is allowed to run on. This is accomplished by allowing you to “Authorize” a computer for use with Majik Maintenance. The “Authorization Process” is simple and involves entering a special token number on the computers you want to allow access. This process only needs to be performed once on each computer that you want to allow access.

Majik Maintenance also lets you fine-tune the permissions for each user so they only have access to the modules and functions you desire. Permissions can be assigned per-user and per-module as well as providing options to control how they interact with data such as having view-only access or allowing them to enter, delete, or edit data.

Maintenance Jobs & Schedules

All machine repairs and maintenance tasks for the manufacturing plant are recorded in the Maintenance Jobs module. This module allows technicians to update the status of a job and to enter start and end times for the repair job and a description of the work performed. The system will track the total amount of downtime for each machine based on the data entered. Technicians can also select parts used for the job and the system will automatically deduct part counts from the Parts Inventory. Critical machines can be prioritized and will be shown in colors (red, orange, yellow) based on priority. Spare parts quantities are compared with stocking levels and those parts that need to be reordered are flagged and shown as a reminer on the main screen. There is also a separate module for managing IT related jobs and tasks.

The program also provides a powerful scheduling module that will automatically create maintenance and IT jobs based on predefined time intervals such as weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annually. Schedules can be created, deleted, or edited in the Schedules module. The program also offers a powerful Search function at the top of each module that allows the user to search for data by entering values in multiple fields.

Machines Module

The Machines Module is the place to manage all your plant’s equipment used to manufacture your product. The information for each machine such as Model Number and Serial Number are stored in the Machines module as well as the manufacturer of the machine and the vendor used to purchase spare parts for the machine. A priority value can be selected for each machine which will cause the machine to be highlighted in various colors in other parts of the program.

For each machine in the machines module you can upload and store files that are associated with the machine such as a picture of the machine, maintenance manual, or installation manual. You can also download and view the files that were uploaded. You can upload almost any type of file including Word Documents, PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, HTML files, text files, videos, images and others. In the picture you can see an example of a Drill Press with several files uploaded including an Operator’s Guide, Maintenance Manual, Spec Sheet, and a safety video.

Vendors Module

The Vendors Module allows you to manage and keep track of all your vendors and distributors in one place. You can record all the information needed for each vendor such as addresses, account numbers, contact names, phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses and web sites. You can easily search for vendors of machines and bring up the vendor information needed very quickly in the vendors module. In the Reports module you can generate and print a nice report showing all your vendors for quick reference.

For each machine in the machines module you can associate a vendor as the manufacturer of the machine and another vendor as the distributor for supplying parts for the machine. In the Parts module you can also associate a vendor company as the manufacturer or "maker" of the part and another company as the distributor of the part. Of course its possbile that the manufacturer and distributor of the part could be the same vendor or different vendors.

Reports Module

Majik Maintenance includes a powerful Reports Module for generating custom reports. Tabs at the top of the Reports Module allow creation of reports for Users, Locations, Vendors, Maintenance Jobs, IT-Related Jobs, Schedules, Machines, Parts, Tools, and Machine Downtime. There is also a Jobs Summary Report that will generate Bar Charts showing a comparison between Planned and Demand Jobs and Hours versus Total Jobs and Hours.

All reports can be filtered based on one or more search criteria. The user can enter search values at the top of the screen to filter and generate a report showing only the data they wish to see. Once generated the report can be viewed in the browser, printed to a local printer, or exported to various file formats such as an Excel Spreadsheet, Word Document, PDF Document, Tiff Image, HTML Web Page, or a comma-separated values (CSV) text file. There is even a Print Preview button that will show you on the screen what your report will look like before you print it.

Custom Labels & User Fields

Majik Maintenance can be customized to better fit your environment. Most Labels shown in the modules, on the grids, and in the reports can be customized and modified to suit your needs. For example, if you call a specific field or attribute by a different name than what appears in the program then you can modify the Label shown and change it to display the name you normally use at your manufacturing plant.

In addition to modifying the values of labels shown on the various screens in Majik Maintenance, you can also add additional custom fields to each module. For example, if you want to track and store a new value for your machines or parts then you can enable a new User Field in the corresponding module and then modify the label for the new User Field to name it whatever you like. You will then be able to use the new field in the module and enter values in it for each machine or part.

Majik Maintenance at Multiple Plants

In addition to all the features described here, Majik Maintenance offers many other helpful features including some advanced features for businesses that utilize Majik Maintenance at multiple manufacturing plants. When a business uses our system at multiple plants, they can be provided with the ability to switch between the databases of each plant in order to view another plant’s data if permissions are setup to allow it. For example, let’s say your company uses Majik Maintenance at plants located in Texas, California, and New York. If a New York user needs a critical part to repair a machine and that part is out of stock, then they would have the ability to switch over to view the Parts Inventory at their California or Texas plant to see if either location had the part they needed.

Majik Maintenance Demo Site

If you would like to play around with Majik Maintenance to discover more about its features and operations then feel free to try out our Demo site located on the web at You can log into our Demo site using Username “guest” and Password “guest”.

Or if you would prefer to have your own Majik Maintenance Account setup so you can begin using Majik Maintenance on a trial basis then contact us below and we will create you your own temporary account. If you decide later that Majik Maintenance is the product for you then we can easily convert your account into a permanent subscription service and you will retain access to all the data that was entered in your trial account.

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