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Majik Time Clock is a simple employee time-tracking web-based program that is easy to use and works in all popular browsers including both PC and Mac. Tracking employee hours and controlling unnecessary overtime are just a few of the benefits provided by Majik Time Clock.

Majik Time Clock lets your employees clock in and out on the web to record and track their hours. It also provides an Express Time Clock feature that will save your employees time by allowing them to clock in and out on the web by only clicking a single button! Majik Time Clock runs in the cloud so there is no need to install any software on your computer! It is located on the web at MajikTime.com It is simple to use, works anywhere in the world across multiple time zones, and can be configured to meet the needs of your business.

Clocking In and Out

Clocking in and out on the web is now made easy with the Majik Time Clock! Our program provides users with two methods for clocking in and out. The first method involves signing in to the program using a username and password and then clicking a “CLOCK IN” button to clock in at the beginning of the day. At the end of the day the user would simply click the “CLOCK OUT” button to clock out.

The second method of clocking in and out offered by Majik Time Clock is using the "Express Time Clock" located in the center of the home page. This method is quicker because the user needs only to enter their username, password, and then click one button and they are done! It's that simple! When using the Express Time Clock you do NOT have to log in on the left side of the web page.

Viewing and Printing Reports

Majik Time Clock offers two types of Reports including a report that shows the employee's total hours for the week. There is also an "Employee Clock In & Out" report that shows every instance where the employee clocked in and out. Employees will only see their own time records on the reports, but managers can generate reports showing attendance data for all employees.

The reporting function in Majik Time Clock also lets the user filter the data on various parameters such as a specific employee or location. The user can also select the starting date and ending date range used to generate the report. These filtering functions are helpful when generating employee time reports to supply to your payrole provider. Each report created can be viewed on screen, sent to a printer, or exported to a file using popular formats such as a Word Document, PDF File, Excel File, Image, CSV Text file, or HTML web file.

Majik Time Clock's Home Page provides many links on the left side of the screen for navigating the various functions. The following list provides a description of the functionality provided by each link.


Allows users to navigate back to the Home Page. Also provides access to the Express Time Clock feature.

Clock In or Out

Allows users to clock in or out. Optionally allows user to enter comments if desired.

View Reports

Allows user to view custom reports including a weekly report showing total hours worked, or a daily report showing both hours and times when the user clocked in or out. Reports can be customized by selecting starting and ending dates. In addition, managers can further customize reports by selecting individual employees or locations.

Correct Hours

Provides managers and administrators with the ability to correct hours for individual time records. For example, when a user forgets to clock out then the hours for that day can be adjusted. Also provides managers with the capability to enter new time records for tracking other types of time including holiday, vacation, and sick or personal time.

Authorize this PC

This link provides administrators with the option to authorize a new computer so it can be used with the Majik Time Clock web site. Your employees can only clock in and out on the computers that you specifically authorize for use by the Majik Time Clock.

Manage Employees

This link is used by managers and administrators to manage the employees. Employees can be deleted from the system and new employees can be added. Individual employee information can be updated. Administrator access can be given to an employee or taken away. An employee’s default location can be changed. If an employee forgets their password then this link can be used by an administrator to reset the employee’s password back to a default value. After the password is reset, the employee can sign in and change their password.  

Manage Locations

This link is used by managers and administrators to manage all company locations. Locations can be deleted from the system and new locations can be added. The information for each location can be updated. Time Zones for each location can be selected so that clocked in and out times are generated and displayed correctly on reports which are generated from any location even those in different time zones.

Manage Account Settings

This link lets administrators update settings for their Majik Time Clock account such as contact information, time zone, and password format. The program also lets you add or edit time reason codes.

Manage Tokens

Tokens are used to authorize specific computers for use with Majik Time Clock. This link provides administrators with the capability to manage tokens. Tokens can be deleted or new tokens can be created. When creating tokens, a “Time to Live” period can be selected for each token and the token will be deleted automatically when it’s time runs out!

Forgot Password ?

This link provides instructions to the user about how to retrieve a forgotten password by having it emailed to them.

Retrieve Password

This link will cause the Majik Time Clock web site to email a user’s password to their current email address stored in the system.

Change Password

This link allows a user to change their current password.

Express Time Clock

The “Express Time Clock” box is displayed on the Home Page and allows a user to clock in or out by clicking only one button. The user does not have to sign in to the Majik Time Clock web site to use the Express Time Clock feature which will save time and make the process of clocking in or out very fast. In fact, the Express Time Clock feature cannot be used when a user is signed in because it is only functional when no one is signed in to Majik Time Clock.

Administrative Capabilities

Majik Time Clock provides managers with several administrative capabilities such as controlling which computers are allowed to be used with the Majik Time Clock. When employees make mistakes, such as forgetting to clock out before they go home, the manager can use the "Correct Hours" function to fix the mistake. Manager's can add and delete employees and manage the employee's information. For businesses that have many locations, the manager can enter and maintain the data for each location. Manager's can also adjust various account settings such as minimum password length, the time zone of the current location, and descriptive reason codes for categorizing employee time.

Correcting Hours for Employees

Majik Time Clock provides administrators and managers with a function to correct employee hours when necessary. The "Correct Hours" function lets the administrator search for a particular employee, location, or time period. Then for any given day the administrator can adjust the employee's hours for that day. They can also enter comments if desired or change the Reason Code for the employee hours.

Authorizing Computers

Majik Time Clock offers a unique security feature that allows administrators to control which computers are allowed to be used. The administrator can authorize one or more computers for use and only those computers that have been "Authorized" can be used by employees to clock in and out. Since Majik Time Clock is a web-based program that works in all popular browsers the authorizing process is important because it prevents users from clocking in and out on just any computer. For example, if you have employees at remote offices and you don't want them clocking in and out from home then you can authorize only the computers in the office for use.

The process of "Authorizing" a computer is simple and easy, and needs to be performed only one time on each computer that you want to work with Majik Time Clock. To authorize a computer the administator clicks on the "Authorize this PC" link and enters their username, password, and a special token number that gets created by the system.

Managing Employees Information

Majik Time Clock provides functions to add and delete employees and to view or manage each employee's information. For companies with multiple locations each employee can be assigned to a location. On this screen an employee can be given Administrator permissions. Only administrators can view and edit the employee's information.

Various data can be entered for each employee such as first name, last name, employee ID, and Email Address. If an employee's email address is entered in the system and the employee forgets their password, then there is a link on the Home Page which the employee can use to retrieve their forgotten password. If the user enters their username and clicks on the "Retrieve Password" link then Majik Time Clock will automatically send them an email message providing them with their current password.

Managing Company Locations

Majik Time Clock provides functions to add and delete company locations and to view or manage each location's information. Only administrators can view and edit the company location information. Various data can be entered for each location such as name, address, and the location's time zone.

Majik Time Clock works with locations located anywhere in the world. Majik Time Clock works fine for companies that have locations in different states or even different countries. The program works accurately with times from different time zones. When generating an Employees Clock In & Out Report, Majik Time Clock automatically converts all time values to the time zone of the current location where the report is being generated.

Managing Authorization Tokens

Majik Time Clock lets you authorize only those computers that you want your employees to use when they clock in and out. The process of "Authorizing" a computer for use with Majik Time Clock involves entering a special Token which is created in Majik Time Clock by the administrator. Special Administrators designated as "Owners" have the ability to create, delete and manage tokens used to authorize computers. There is also a function to Un-authorize a computer when old computers are retired or moved.

Clicking on the "Manage Tokens" link provides a function to create temporary or permanent tokens. Each token generated can be given a "Time To Live" value such as an Hour, Day, Week, Month, or Year. After the token's life time has passed the token automatically self-destructs and is deleted from the system. When this occurs the token is no longer valid to be used to authorize new computers.

Majik Time Clock Demo Site

If you would like to try out Majik Time Clock to discover more about its operation and features then feel free to utilize our Demo site located on the web at MajikTimeDemo.com You can log into our Demo site using Username “guest” and Password “guest”.

Or if you would prefer to have your own Majik Time Clock Account setup so you can begin using Majik Time Clock for your business on a free trial basis then contact us below and we will create you your own temporary account. If you decide later that Majik Time Clock is the product for you then we can easily convert your account into a permanent subscription service and you will retain access to all the data you entered previously.

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