About Majiksoft

Majiksoft is a small software company located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Majiksoft was founded in 2013 and provides high-quality software products to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Our flagship product, Majik Maintenance, is a powerful and user-friendly web-based system that provides manufacturing companies with the capability to manage all the maintenance done to their machines and also manages their parts inventory. If you are in charge of keeping your companies' machines running then contact us and find out how Majik Maintenance can help your organization!

Custom software can be expensive and there are many software consulting companies out there that provide that type of service. However, for new and small businesses that can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a customized software program, that is where we come in. We offer traditional cloud-based programs that are more generic in nature and satisfy a specific business function without breaking the bank! Most of our software requires no setup or installation, runs in all popular browsers, and is simple to use. And best of all, our software is provided as a SAAS service so our customers only pay when they use it.